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“It’s not how much we give, but how much love put into giving”

– Mother Teresa


LA FOFI (Verónica Isabel Guerra) is a precious little girl that was born to this world on December 3rd, 2010, the very same month of our Savior’s birth. She brought immense joy and immeasurable love to all who surrounded her and was full of life, bliss, and God’s love. She would smile with her entire face and was the funniest girl most of us had ever met. She had the most beautiful curls that would bounce incessantly with her cute “hoppy” walk and was sooo cute and verbal that people would insist that she just had no comparison. We often heard, “La Fofi is la Fofi” or “I’m a huge Fofi fan”, and as her parents, we cannot express how much pride we felt in hearing that. She really was unique, irreplaceable, and absolutely unforgettable. And all that fondness she EARNED on her own… with her love, her personality, and the impact she had on anyone who met her, even if for a second. You should’ve seen the amazement of strangers when they interacted with her for the first time. It was as if they had seen God Himself in a 3 ft tall sweet little girl.

La Fofi’s life was transformed on August 25th, 2013.  For us, that was the saddest day of our lives because it meant not being able to say, “Good morning, little Princess!”, followed by a big warm hug and kisses every morning when she quietly opened the hallway door to surprise us…   For her, we believe by faith that it was probably the happiest day of her life, because she got to meet her Creator, her “Prince Aladdin” (her favorite!)… the one she had heard so much about and would talk to every night before going to sleep.  She finally was with He who made her the bright, colorful rainbow she was and always will be to us here on Earth.

Despite our strong faith and our belief in Heaven, we can’t deny that we selfishly wish with all our hearts that La Fofi wouldn’t have left us [physically].  In an effort to console us and continue to send us her joy, her light, and love, La Fofi has asked God to bring rainbows upon us when we’ve really needed them.  Attentive to her signs as we are, we have fortunately not failed to acknowledge these beautiful arches of colors caused by the refraction and reflection of the sun’s/Son’s LIGHT in rain/pain.  The rainbow is also known as the bridge between Heaven and Earth and a sign of God’s promise and grace.

rainbow-iconAlthough we cannot touch the rainbow, we know it’s there bringing color and joy to our lives… just like La Fofi (and all your loved ones that are with her)!  Hence, when we felt the Holy Spirit’s urge to create a foundation in her memory, we knew it was going to be called “La Fofi’s Rainbow”.


How our Volunteer program works...

Just like a rainbow is possible only when all seven colors combine, La Fofi’s Rainbow is a community effort that exists solely when our volunteers come together to provide their time and talents to the families we serve. We all have special gifts that can brighten up someone else’s day. Would you like to donate yours?

Sign up here to become a part of our community and tell us about your gifts (profession, talents, business, connections, and anything else you feel could benefit our families).

Loving Red Kisses

Among the meanings of the color red, is LOVE. Love really is what underlies this whole organization… Love to our Fofi, love to our community, love to our neighbor, love to our God… Red also symbolizes energy, passion, and action. Loving Red Hearts refers to all our kindhearted volunteers that donate the gift of their time and talents to our families.

Our Red Hearts are committed to investing their energy in supporting and loving the people we serve by acting with much passion and dedication. Our volunteers include devoted and competent professionals (e.g. psychotherapists, attorneys, financial advisors, teachers/tutors, artists, etc.) that are eager to offer guidance and relief to our families.

Joyful Orange Visits

Orange means joy, warmth, creativity, and fun… and that is essentially what we’d love to bring our children through our home/hospital visits and activities. Those with musical, artistic, or other special talents are especially invited to volunteer here.

Hopeful Yellow Prayers

Being the lightest hue of the spectrum, the color yellow is uplifting and illuminating, offering hope, happiness, and cheerfulness.
Isn’t that what answered prayers offer? Then we are committed to making it happen! If you are a strong believer of the power of
prayer, we would love to have your help in coordinating prayer chains, rosaries, and other forms of prayer for the intentions
of our families.

Renewing Green Talks

Green is the color of growth, the color of spring, renewal, and rebirth. It renews and restores depleted energy, which is just what we hope our testimonials and talks will do for our La Fofi’s Rainbow community. If you’d like to bring hope and strengthen faith by sharing your testimonial, this is for you!

La Fofi's Blue Angels (All Volunteers, really)

Blue was la Fofi’s favorite color. It symbolizes Heaven and is associated with our Mother, Mary. La Fofi’s Blue Angels are those children that have gone to heaven and have somehow contributed to this foundation. Despite their little size and limited experience, children have the capacity to teach grandiose lessons of life. Click Here to meet some of those blue angels and learn about their legacy in La Fofi’s Rainbow.

Powerful Indigo Contributions

Powerful and dignified, Indigo conveys integrity and deep sincerity, as well as stability. Although our cause is more about providing
service and time, it is a reality that monetary contributions are also powerful and aid in providing stability during times of crisis.
Our Indigo Chapter welcomes and appreciates the generosity of our community.

You may contribute a donation by mailing a check made out to La Fofi’s Rainbow to Betsy Guerra, 3901 NW 79th Ave. Suite 255,
Doral, FL 33166 or by contacting her at

Peaceful Purple little Deeds

Purple combines the calm stability of blue and the fierce energy of red. It is often associated with royalty, devotion, magic, and peace. It is our hope to invest our fierce energy and devotion in providing our families with little magical deeds that will bring them peace.

These thoughtful gestures may include food chains, babysitting, playdates, house chores/cleaning help, orientation/support with funeral and church arrangements, among others. Let us know if you believe that it’s little things that matter, and would like to help us here.

La Fofi’s Rainbow

…is mostly about giving time and talents, and it is divided into seven categories in accordance with the meanings of the seven colors of the rainbow.

These categories are meant to fulfill our Mission Statement:

To provide hope and alleviate pain to our families through love, faith, and deeds.

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