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Veronica La FofiLA FOFI (Verónica Isabel Guerra) is a precious little girl that was born to this world on December 3rd, 2010, the very same month of our Savior’s birth. She brought immense joy and immeasurable love to all who surrounded her and was full of life, bliss, and God’s love. She would smile with her entire face and was the funniest girl most of us had ever met. She had the most beautiful curls that would bounce incessantly with her cute “hoppy” walk and was sooo cute and verbal that people would insist that she just had no comparison. We often heard, “La Fofi is la Fofi” or “I’m a huge Fofi fan”, and as her parents, we cannot express how much pride we felt in hearing that. She really was unique, irreplaceable, and absolutely unforgettable. And all that fondness she EARNED on her own… with her love, her personality, and the impact she had on anyone who met her, even if for a second. You should’ve seen the amazement of strangers when they interacted with her for the first time. It was as if they had seen God Himself in a 3 ft tall sweet little girl.

La Fofi’s life was transformed on August 25th, 2013.  For us, that was the saddest day of our lives because it meant not being able to say, “Good morning, little Princess!”, followed by a big warm hug and kisses every morning when she quietly opened the hallway door to surprise us…   For her, we believe by faith that it was probably the happiest day of her life, because she got to meet her Creator, her “Prince Aladdin” (her favorite!)… the one she had heard so much about and would talk to every night before going to sleep.  She finally was with He who made her the bright, colorful rainbow she was and always will be to us here on Earth.

Despite our strong faith and our belief in Heaven, we can’t deny that we selfishly wish with all our hearts that La Fofi wouldn’t have left us [physically].  In an effort to console us and continue to send us her joy, her light, and love, La Fofi has asked God to bring rainbows upon us when we’ve really needed them.  Attentive to her signs as we are, we have fortunately not failed to acknowledge these beautiful arches of colors caused by the refraction and reflection of the sun’s/Son’s LIGHT in rain/pain.  The rainbow is also known as the bridge between Heaven and Earth and a sign of God’s promise and grace. 

Although we cannot touch the rainbow, we know it’s there bringing color and joy to our lives… just like La Fofi (and all your loved ones that are with her)!  Hence, when we felt the Holy Spirit’s urge to create a foundation in her memory, we knew it was going to be called “La Fofi’s Rainbow”.